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Frankie Rose "Interstellar"

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Frankie Rose Interstellar LP/CD

The eagerly-awaited second album from Frankie Rose handily exceeds all expectations. Foregoing much of the fuzzy girl-group pop of previous releases, Interstellar is a gorgeous record marked by Frankie's very unique take on dream-pop, shoegaze and electronic pop. Stellar tunes combine with Le Chev's imaginative production to create something quite special.

Frankie Rose And The Outs "Frankie Rose And The Outs"

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Frankie Rose And The Outs

Frankie Rose And The Outs Frankie Rose And The Outs LP/CD

Smashing debut album from Ms Rose and her excellent new band. Spooked, melancholic pop with echoes of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound, The Aislers Set, Shop Assistants and Opal. Features "Candy" and "Little Brown Haired Girls."

The Proper Ornaments "Foxhole"

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The Proper Ornaments Foxhole LP/CD

Proper Ornaments is the project of James Hoare (Ultimate Painting, Veronica Falls) and Max Oscarnold (Toy, Pink Flames). Their chance meeting blossomed into an epicurean riot of luminous highs and cold, dismal crashes that conversely produced music that was very well ordered and faintly angelic. While 2014's "Wooden Head" was fuzzy and driving, on "Foxhole" they've sliced away a whole stratum of their sound, removing some distortion and lowering the frequency of plectrum strokes to allow more nuanced, piano-led ideas to emerge. The mood is dreamlike and pastoral, poetic and warmly expressive. Reference points of Velvet Underground and The Jesus & Mary Chain only tell part of the story - there is a cracked, wasted depth to "Foxhole" that draws you deep into the album's soundworld. Crucial.

Terry Malts "Lost At The Party"

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Lost At The Party

Terry Malts Lost At The Party LP/CD

Our punk heroes Terry Malts are back with their third album and it's their boldest pop statement yet. There's always been a melodic core to the Malts sound, but this time around the band has decided to focus on it, using enhanced studio techniques to emphasize the POP. The band's influences have always included flavors like the Flying Nun sound and classic power-pop, and now they put their augmented sonic palette in the service of some of their strongest tunes yet. It's still plenty punk, but also their most sophisticated outing yet.

Real Numbers "Wordless Wonder"

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Wordless Wonder

Real Numbers Wordless Wonder LP/CD

Finally! We're excited to bring you the brilliant debut album from this Minneapolis band whose string of excellent singles and EPs have been staples on the SLR turntable. Well-crafted crash-pop is the order of the day, with echoes of such greats at Television Personalities, The McTells and Cause Co-Motion adding historical color to these great songs. Wordless Wonder's ten tunes are brief and perfectly-formed, benefitting from thoughtful production that expands the band's DIY approach into rich new areas. Cut at 45rpm for maximum oomph, this great album is guaranteed to take a stake out a permanent spot in your "now playing" pile.

various artists "Continental Drift"

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Continental Drift

various artists Continental Drift LP/CD/cassette

Four great bands, two great labels and two continents meet on this stellar mini-LP. Frequent collaborators Slumberland Records and Fortuna POP! team up to bring you "Continental Drift," a smashing eight song sampler of some of the finest pop out there in 2016. Featuring new songs from Mercury Girls, The Spook School, Tigercats and Wildhoney, "Continental Drift," is a stellar survey of the state of independent pop in all its colors: tuneful, noisy, passionate and above all FUN.

Tony Molina "Confront The Truth"

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Confront The Truth

Tony Molina Confront The Truth 7"

We've all been waiting WAY too long for a new Tony Molina record, and this here eight song EP delivers in spades. Leaving the guitar crunch behind, Tony spotlights his formidable songwriting with spare, mostly acoustic arrangements that owe as much to early Bee Gees and Teenage Fanclub's mellower moments as they do to Georges Harrison and Martin. The sadness of this music has precedents in pop's past indeed, but in these songs you hear exactly what Tony found in those influences that shaped his experience -- years upon years of focus and isolation in developing his guitar and writing skills to speak to these truths. The main difference here is that where Tony's previous works felt casual and easy to digest, here we feel the full weight of his emotional needs pressed against the gentlest and most careful music of his career. The record's coda, a highlight reel of Thin Lizzy's "Banshee," indicates that the Tony you knew is still in there, but the game has changed, and the rules are entirely his own. Tony Molina is in complete control of his own destiny, and we should all care about where he's going.

Tony Molina "Dissed And Dismissed"

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Dissed And Dismissed

Tony Molina Dissed And Dismissed LP/CD

Breathless, lightning-quick power-pop songs that feature some of the best tunes we've heard in ages. Taking his cues from Thin Lizzy, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, Dinosaur Jr and Guided By Voices, Tony has an unerring grasp on what makes great pop work, and these twelve songs (including an ace GBV cover) could all be lost 70s radio hits, albeit ones filtered through a love of punk and hardcore. Brevity is the name of the game here - most songs run under one minute and yet don't skimp at all on melody or self-deprecating humor. Awesome.

Terry Malts "Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere"

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Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere

Terry Malts Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere LP/CD

The Bay Area's Terry Malts are back with a smashing new album, and it's every bit the equal of their debut "Killing Time." On this tough second album, Terry Malts deliver up eleven bone-crunching punk/pop anthems that ably blend smart, disgusted lyrics with breakneck tunes and stick-in-your-head melodies. From ripping opener "Two Faces" through alienated first single "I Was Not There" right down to closer "So Serious," "Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere" is a total blast and one of the records of the year.

Terry Malts "Killing Time"

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Killing Time

Terry Malts Killing Time LP/CD/cassette

Smashing chainsaw pop from this great San Francisco group. Smart, funny punk-pop with all the hooks, energy and attitude you could ask for. If you're into The Undertones, Buzzcocks and/or The Exploding Hearts you should definitely check out Terry Malts. Fourteen big tunes, including "Something About You," "Nauseous" and a slamming cover of Negative Approach's "Can't Tell No One."


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