Business of Dreams


Ripe For Anarchy

Business of Dreams

Helmed by Terry Malts/Smokescreens/Magic Bullets member Corey Cunningham, Business of Dreams eschews the punk/indie guitar approach of those bands for something softer and less guitar-focused. Hearkening back to the mid-80s melding of synths and indiepop, Business of Dreams' 2017 eponymous debut was an unexpected pleasure that topped many savvy listeners' year-end lists. With his new album "Ripe For Anarchy," Cunningham has honed the songwriting with an eye towards regret, existence, and perseverance. The mantra here is this: it’s time to let go. "The album is about living in the moment, shedding neurosis, and the desire to discard the general societal malaise we’ve been roped into." The lush tunes abound with references to The Go-Betweens, The Smiths and The Field Mice -- beautiful melodies underpinning songs about the wounded, the lonely and the mournful. Perfect, timeless pop. Ships on or before the February 1st release date.

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